At Dentteam you are assured of professional diagnostics and excellent treatment. In office we use digital rontgen, laser diagnostics, laser treatment and several surgery microscopes.

Our team members all have their focus field and their intercollegal consultation benefits treatment outcome.

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Treatment options

General dentistry

Our aim is regular consultation, at least twice a year. Prevention is key in avoiding serious problems (pain).

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Oral hygienists

Equally important as regular dentist consultations are regular visits to one of our oral hygienists. In our office we always combine a dentist check up with dental cleaning. Gum related problems can be detected in an early stage and often be solved without long term damage. You will be given information and instruction about gum diseases and how to prevent these by proper care. Our oral hygienists have several degrees fitting all problem levels.  

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Children's dental care

Our team is specialized in children’s dental care and provides: 

  • Instruction and guidance for parents;
  • Fluoride treatment  at every visit;
  • If necessary, X-rays to monitor the growth of the teeth and detect any hidden cavities;
  • Check oral hygiene, and provide instructions to improve;
  • Check growth development.

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Aesthetic Treatments

Many 'beauty flaws' of your smile can be improved. Methods are: teeth whitening, placing shields (veneers) or crowns (caps). We will gladly advise you about the best solutions.

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Prothesis and implants 

Our great dental technician manufactures strong and aesthetic dentures. For information about implants see our page: Implantology.

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Military Civil contract dentist 

Dentteam Dental offices are selected to treat military personnel and employees of the Dutch Army. Since the start we provide our services to personnel and families of Joint Force Command. We have also been selected by the British Military Health Service to provide care for British military and support personnel.

We can provide dental fit declarations.

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