MRA (Anti snoring brace)

MRA (Mandibular repositioning device)

Do you or your partner suffer from severe snoring or sleep apnoea? If you are diagnosed with sleep apnoea, your doctor may refer you to a dentist: one of the possible treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea is a plastic device that is placed over the teeth at night. This pushes the lower jaw slightly forward. The trachea is opened further so that the partial disruption of the air flow when snoring or completely disrupted air flow in sleep apnoea is eliminated. This device is called a Mandibular Reposition Device (MRA), or an anti-snoring brace.


At Dentteam Dental centre, we make the Silencer type MRAs.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions about snoring problems.

Do you already have a referral? Make an appointment! With a referral you can have your MRA made by the dentist of your choice!



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