Complaints procedure

Not satisfied?

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Most patients are satisfied with their dentist. Nevertheless, you may find that he or she has informed or treated you dissatisfied. It is important that you express this. If you cannot reach a solution, you can contact the KNMT. 


Meeting with your dentist can often explain why certain actions were taken. You can express your dissatisfaction and your dentist can try to explain his or her treatment choice. 

Second opinion

The opinion of a dentist who is not directly involved in the disagreement can help getting a good perspective. This extra opinion can give you or your dentist the opportunity to review your own point of view.

To file a complaint

If you cannot reach an agreement, contact the KNMT. You can do this by completing the KNMT Complaints form. According to the Complaint Rights of Health Care Sector Clients Act (WKCZ), a dentist is obliged to offer a complaints procedure. The KNMT has a complaints procedure that complies with the requirements of this act. In the view of the Personal Data Protection Act, the KNMT cannot give you any information about whether your dentist is a member of the KNMT. 

Complaints about monetary claims and compensation alone fall outside the complaints procedure and cannot be handled by the Complaints Committee.

Accessibility Complaints Committee

The secretariat of the KNMT Complaints Committee is available. Calling 0031 (30) - 60 76 276.

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